Characters by Kim


Who Is Kim Adley?

Kim Adley is a wife, mother of two boys, and former elementary school teacher in the Brentwood Borough School District. After retiring "at a very young age" to stay home with her two young sons, she started her own storytelling business called "Characters by Kim." The idea for the business came after volunteering in her son's Kindergarten class telling stories.

Over the past nine years, Kim has created 16 original characters that focus on various literary and seasonal themes. Each fully costumed character combines original stories, trade books, songs, fingerplays, and lots of audience participation. The storytelling sessions are always learning experiences as well as entertainment. She has performed her many characters at schools, libraries, private parties, and corporate events.Since 2003, Kim's characters have been working with WQED's Education Resource Center visiting schools to promote and encourage reading for several literacy programs.


Kim's philosophy has remained the same over the years in believing that nothing is more important than getting children excited about reading. She has always approached her teaching and storytelling using what she calls "the golden rule." Teach and read to others the way you want to be taught and read to.

"Children are so lacking in the closeness that storytimes with adults can provide. My storytelling has found a niche in our communities where children have been inundated with television and video games. It becomes quite a novelty to be read to by an animated adult who tries to tap into their imagination. I believe imagination is a gift that all children posess, but if they don't use it... they lose it."

Storytelling is just one vehicle to excercise the imaginations of children. Kim Adley has made that vehicle her business, her passion, and her art.

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