Characters by Kim



Mr. Straw
Mr. Straw the Scarecrow is a great character to celebrate fall and a non-scary character for Halloween. Mr. Straw tells stories about crows, pumpkins, and fun on the farm.
Spiderella is a spooky character who tells tales to make your skin crawl. She is a perfect guest around Halloween. Spiderella incorporates humor in her tales and lets her listener know that being a little scared can be fun!
Sparkling Water
Sparkling Water the Indian Princess tells the story of the first Thanksgiving and focuses on friendship between all people. Sparkling Water shares Native American folklore and artifacts and also plays a game that focuses on color words.
Crystal the Snowlady is a winter wonderland character who warms your heart when it's cold outside. Crystal tells stories about snow, snowpeople and wintertime fun. She explores some science concepts and focuses on shapes.
The Queen of Hearts
The Queen of Hearts is a very popular character from the land of Mother Goose. The Queen in her majestic way talks about emotions and especially love. The queen is a lovable visitor around Valentine's Day or anytime!
Fiona the Irish Lassie
Fiona the Irish Lassie comes all the way from Ireland to enchant her listeners with a thick Irish brogue. Fiona shares enchanting Irish folklore, including tales of the leprechauns, and even dances the jig.
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary is anything but! Mary brings a breath of springtime to her stories. This popular Mother Goose character talks about flowers, gardening and the many wonders of spring. She plants real seeds and imaginary ones too!
Rebecca the Amish Quiltmaker is dressed in Authentic Amish garb and shares stories about Pennsylvania, the Amish way of life, and quiltmaking. Her stories are as bright and colorful as a patchwork quilt.
Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood is a classic fairytale character who explores old fantasy favorites in new ways. Little Red will reacquaint you with all the tales you love and even give them a new twist. She also focuses on safety for children.
Captain Cutlass
Captain Cutlass the Pirate is a swashbuckling renegade who tells tales of adventure on the high seas. His treasure of tales makes you wish you were a pirate too, matey!
A Victorian Mrs. Santa Clause
The perfect guest for your holiday gathering! Warm and cheerful, your guests are sure to love her gentle charm.
Anna the Pioneer
Tall tales from the American Frontier from Anna, the Pioneer who has been all the way to the Western Sea and has returned with tales to delight.

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